Christmas is coming!!

This will be our second Christmas in Malta, although we barely noticed the first as we were so busy getting ourselves sorted out after moving from France.
What has struck me this year is how low key everything has been until now.  In the UK, the Christmas adverts would have started at the end of September, if not before, shops would have started stocking Christmas gifts and goodies from early October and the whole thing would be forced on us almost everywhere we go.

In Malta, I noticed the first Christmas decorations for sale today in the Ta Lira shop in Mellieha.and a couple of flyers have come round advertising Christmas and New Years Eve party venues.  Apart from that, you would hardly realise that the big day is just over six weeks away.

I think that is fantastic!!

Other countries have gone so head over heals with the commercial aspect of Christmas that it just annoys me.  I am not a religious person and I do not go to Church, so you could say that really Christmas should not mean anything to me. 

I disagree though.  Yes, of course Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus, but for atheists, that really means nothing.  But I do agree with the sentiment – peace and goodwill to all men, the gathering together of families and the sharing of good times.

In Malta, the religious origins of Christmas still play a big part in the time of year and the commercialism has yet to completely take over.

Long may it last.

About Martin Parker

I am the owner and editor of the websites Guide2MidiPyrenees and Guide2Malta, listing great content on the fabulous Midi-Pyrenees region of South West France and the islands of Malta and Gozo.
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