Time for a stroll

This morning, as usual, I got up early to take Ellie for a walk.  During the summer it has been necessary to go early as by 8am it was getting too hot for her.  She is a Border Collie / Spaniel cross and has a long thick coat, so doesn’t enjoy the midday sun really!!

Anyway, this morning I was expecting it to be cool and put my jeans on and took a light jacket.  By the time we arrived at Xemxija cliffs, I realised I had made a mistake!  The car temperature gauge was saying 25 degrees and it was only just gone 9am.  Time for a change of plan – quick walk and then off to get the bread and newspaper before heading back home.  Sorry Ellie, just a short walk today.

The good thing about this time of year is that you can get beautiful, warm days like today and lovely sunsets to finish the day off, just like this evening.




About Martin Parker

I am the owner and editor of the websites Guide2MidiPyrenees and Guide2Malta, listing great content on the fabulous Midi-Pyrenees region of South West France and the islands of Malta and Gozo.
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